Pharmacotherapy Principles & Practice
Third Edition

By: Marie A. Chisholm-Burns
Barbara G. Wells
Terry L. Schwinghammer
Patrick M. Malone
Jill M. Kolesar
Joseph T. DiPiro


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Table of Contents

Section Editor: Patrick M. Malone

1. Introduction
Jack E. Fincham

2. Geriatrics
Jeannie K. Lee, Damian M. Mendoza, M. Jane Mohler, and Ellyn M. Lee

3. Pediatrics
Hanna Phan, Vinita B. Pai, and Milap C. Nahata

4. Palliative Care
Marc A. Sweeney and Phyllis A. Grauer


SECTION 1 Cardiovascular Disorders
Section Editor: Marie A. Chisholm-Burns

5. Hypertension
Robert J. Straka, David Parra, and Stephanie Kaiser

6. Heart Failure
Orly Vardeny and Tien M.H. Ng

7. Ischemic Heart Disease
Larisa H. Cavallari and Robert J. DiDomenico

8. Acute Coronary Syndromes
Sarah A. Spinler and Simon de Denus

9. Arrhythmias
James E. Tisdale

10. Venous Thromboembolism
Edith A. Nutescu, Stuart T. Haines, and Ann K. Wittkowsky

11. Stroke
Susan R. Winkler

12. Dyslipidemias
Matthew K. Ito

13. Hypovolemic Shock
Bradley A. Boucher and G. Christopher Wood

SECTION 2 Respiratory Disorders
Section Editor: Terry L. Schwinghammer

14. Asthma
Lori Wilken and Michelle T. Martin

15. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Tara R. Whetsel and Nicole D. Verkleeren

16. Cystic Fibrosis
Kimberly J. Novak

SECTION 3 Gastrointestinal Disorders
Section Editor: Terry L. Schwinghammer

17. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Dianne Williams May and Marie A. Chisholm-Burns

18. Peptic Ulcer Disease
Catherine A. Bourg, Erika L. Grigg, and Dianne Williams May

19. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Brian A. Hemstreet

20. Nausea and Vomiting
Sheila Wilhelm and Melissa Lipari

21. Constipation, Diarrhea, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Beverly C. Mims and Clarence E. Curry Jr.

22. Portal Hypertension and Cirrhosis
Laurajo Ryan

23. Pancreatitis
Janine E. Then and Heather M. Rouse

24. Viral Hepatitis
Juliana Chan

SECTION 4 Renal Disorders
Section Editor: Patrick M. Malone

25. Acute Kidney Injury
Mary K. Stamatakis

26. Chronic and End-Stage Renal Disease
Kristine S. Schonder

27. Fluids and Electrolytes
Mark A. Malesker and Lee E. Morrow

28. AcidĖBase Disturbances
Lee E. Morrow and Mark A. Malesker

SECTION 5 Neurologic Disorders
Section Editor: Barbara G. Wells

29. Alzheimerís Disease
Megan J. Ehret and Clayton English

30. Multiple Sclerosis
Melody Ryan

31. Epilepsy
Timothy E. Welty and Edward Faught

32. Status Epilepticus
Gretchen M. Brophy and Eljim P. Tesoro

33. Parkinsonís Diseas
Mary L. Wagner and Jamie C. Holmes

34. Pain Management
Christine Karabin OíNeil

35. Headache
Leigh Ann Ross and Brendan S. Ross

SECTION 6 Psychiatric Disorders
Section Editor: Barbara G. Wells

36. Substance-Related Disorders
Christian J. Teter

37. Schizophrenia
Deanna L. Kelly, Elaine Weiner, and Heidi J. Wehring

38. Major Depressive Disorder
Cherry W. Jackson and Marshall E. Cates

39. Bipolar Disorder
Brian L. Crabtree and Lydia E. Weisser

40. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder
Sheila Botts, Sallie Charles, and Douglas Newton

41. Sleep Disorders
John M. Dopp and Bradley G. Phillips

42. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Kevin W. Cleveland and John Erramouspe

SECTION 7 Endocrinologic Disorders
Section Editor: Marie A. Chisholm-Burns

43. Diabetes Mellitus
Julie Sease, Susan Cornell, Kayce Shealy, and Tommy Johnson

44. Thyroid Disorders
Michael D. Katz

45. Adrenal Gland Disorders
Devra K. Dang, Judy T. Chen, Frank Pucino Jr., and Karim Anton Calis

46. Pituitary Gland Disorders
Judy T. Chen, Devra K. Dang, Frank Pucino Jr., and Karim Anton Calis

SECTION 8 Gynecologic and Obstetric Disorders
Section Editor: Barbara G. Wells

47. Pregnancy and Lactation: Therapeutic Considerations
Ema Ferreira, …velyne Rey, and Caroline Morin

48. Contraception
Julia M. Koehler and Kathleen B. Haynes

49. Menstruation-Related Disorders
Jacqueline M. Klootwyk and Elena M. Umland

50. Hormone Therapy in Menopause
Nicole S. Culhane and Kelly R. Ragucci

SECTION 9 Urologic Disorders
Section Editor: Jill M. Kolesar

51. Erectile Dysfunction
Cara Liday

52. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Mary Lee and Roohollah Sharifi

53. Urinary Incontinence and Pediatric Enuresis
David R.P. Guay and Sum Lam

SECTION 10 Immunologic Disorders
Section Editor: Marie A. Chisholm-Burns

54. Allergic and Pseudoallergic Drug Reactions
J. Russell May and Philip H. Smith

55. Solid Organ Transplantation
Steven Gabardi, Spencer T. Martin, and Ali J. Olyaei

SECTION 11 Bone and Joint Disorders
Section Editor: Terry L. Schwinghammer

56. Osteoporosis
Beth Bryles Phillips and Maria Miller Thurston

57. Rheumatoid Arthritis
Susan P. Bruce

58. Osteoarthritis
Steven M. Smith, Eric Dietrich, and John G. Gums

59. Gout and Hyperuricemia
Geoffrey C. Wall

60. Musculoskeletal Disorders
Jill S. Borchert

SECTION 12 Disorders of the Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
Section Editor: Patrick M. Malone

61. Glaucoma
Mikael D. Jones

62. Ophthalmic Disorders
Melissa L. Hunter and Michelle L. Hilaire

63. Allergic Rhinitis
David A. Apgar

SECTION 13 Dermatologic Disorders
Section Editor: Patrick M. Malone

64. Psoriasis
Rebecca M.T. Law

65. Common Skin Disorders
Angie L. Goeser-Iske

SECTION 14 Hematologic Disorders
Section Editor: Jill M. Kolesar

66. Anemia
Robert K. Sylvester

67. Coagulation and Platelet Disorders
Anastasia Rivkin

68. Sickle Cell Anemia
Tracy M. Hagemann and Teresa V. Lewis

SECTION 15 Diseases of Infectious Origin
Section Editor: Joseph T. DiPiro

69. Antimicrobial Regimen Selection
Catherine M. Oliphant and Karl Madaras-Kelly

70. Central Nervous System Infections
P. Brandon Bookstaver and April D. Miller

71. Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
Diane M. Cappelletty

72. Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Heather L. VandenBussche

73. Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Jaime R. Hornecker

74. Infective Endocarditis
Ronda L. Akins and Katie E. Barber

75. Tuberculosis
Charles Peloquin and Rocsanna Namdar

76. Gastrointestinal Infections
Bradley W. Shinn, Elizabeth D. Hermsen, and Ziba Jalali

77. Intra-Abdominal Infections
Joseph E. Mazur and Joseph T. DiPiro

78. Parasitic Diseases
J. V. Anandan

79. Urinary Tract Infections
Warren E. Rose and Kathryn R. Matthias

80. Sexually Transmitted Infections
Marlon S. Honeywell and Evans Branch III

81. Osteomyelitis
Melinda M. Neuhauser and Susan L. Pendland

82. Sepsis and Septic Shock
S. Scott Sutton, Christopher M. Bland, and Gowtham A. Rao

83. Superficial Fungal Infections
Lauren S. Schlesselman

84. Invasive Fungal Infections
Russell E. Lewis

85. Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Surgery
Mary A. Ullman and John C. Rotschafer

86. Vaccines and Toxoids
Marianne Billeter

87. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
Jessica L. Adams, Julie B. Dumond, Angela D.M. Kashuba, and Amanda Corbett

SECTION 16 Oncologic Disorders
Section Editor: Jill M. Kolesar

88. Cancer Chemotherapy and Treatment
Amy Robbins Williams

89. Breast Cancer
Gerald Higa

90. Lung Cancer
Val Adams and Justin Balko

91. Colorectal Cancer
Emily B. Borders and Patrick J. Medina

92. Prostate Cancer
Trevor McKibbin

93. Skin Cancer
Trinh Pham

94. Ovarian Cancer
Judith A. Smith

95. Acute Leukemia
Nancy Heideman and Richard Heideman

96. Chronic Leukemias and Multiple Myeloma
Amy M. Pick

97. Malignant Lymphomas
Keith A. Hecht and Susanne E. Liewer

98. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Amber P. Lawson

99. Supportive Care in Oncology
Sarah L. Scarpace

SECTION 17 Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders
Section Editor: Patrick M. Malone

100. Parenteral Nutrition
Michael D. Kraft, Imad F. Btaiche, and Melissa R. Pleva

101. Enteral Nutrition
Sarah J. Miller

102. Overweight and Obesity
Maqual R. Graham and Cameron C. Lindsey

Appendix A: Conversion Factors and Anthropometrics

Appendix B: Common Laboratory Tests

Appendix C: Common Medical Abbreviations

Appendix D: Glossary

Appendix E: Prescription Writing Principles