Pharmacotherapy Principles & Practice
Third Edition

By: Marie A. Chisholm-Burns
Terry L. Schwinghammer
Barbara G. Wells
Patrick M. Malone
Jill M. Kolesar
Joseph T. DiPiro


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Chapter 63: Allergic Rhinitis

David A. Apgar


Upon completion of the chapter, the reader will be able to:

1. Describe two diff erent systems for categorizing allergic rhinitis (AR).

2. Describe the basic pathophysiology of AR.

3. List the four most typical symptoms of AR and identify the usual single most troublesome one.

4. List at least three of the reasons for referral to an allergy specialist.

5. Discuss the categories of pharmacotherapy choices for treatment of AR.

6. Rank the pharmacotherapy choices for effi cacy in treating the usual single most troublesome symptom of AR.

7. Describe an approach for treatment of mild AR with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

8. Create a therapy plan for treatment of moderate–severe AR.

9. Describe how to monitor patients treated for AR.

10. Identify the differences in approach to the treatment of AR for children, pregnant women, and the elderly compared with the routine approach in adults.