Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach 9/E

Ninth Edition
By: Joseph T. DiPiro,
Robert L. Talbert,
Gary C. Yee,
Gary R. Matzke,
Barbara G. Wells,
L. Michael Posey



e|CHAPTER 1 Health Literacy and Medication Use
Oralia V. Bazaldua, Dewayne A. Davidson, and Sunil Kripalani

e|CHAPTER 2 Cultural Competency
Jeri J. Sias, Amanda M. Loya, Josť O. Rivera, and Arthur A. Islas

e|CHAPTER 3 Principles and Practices of Medication Safety
Robert J. Weber and Shawn E. Johnson

e|CHAPTER 4 Evidence-Based Medicine
Elaine Chiquette and L. Michael Posey

e|CHAPTER 5 Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Larry A. Bauer

e|CHAPTER 6 Pharmacogenetics
Larisa H. Cavallari and Y. W. Francis Lam

e|CHAPTER 7 Pediatrics
Milap C. Nahata and Carol Taketomo

e|CHAPTER 8 Geriatrics
Emily R. Hajjar, Shelly L. Gray, Patricia W. Slattum, Catherine I. Starner, Robert L. Maher Jr, Lauren R. Hersh, and Joseph T. Hanlon

e|CHAPTER 9 Palliative Care
Jill Astolfi

e|CHAPTER 10 Clinical Toxicology
Peter A. Chyka

e|CHAPTER 11 Emergency Preparedness and Response: Biologic Exposures
Colleen M. Terriff , Jason E. Brouillard, and Lisa T. Costanigro

e|CHAPTER 12 Emergency Preparedness: Identification and Management of Chemical and Radiological Exposures
Greene Shepherd and Richard B. Schwartz

e|CHAPTER 13 Cardiovascular Testing
Richard A. Lange and L. David Hillis

e|CHAPTER 14 Introduction to Pulmonary Function Testing
Tamara D. Simpson, Jay I. Peters, and Stephanie M. Levine

e|CHAPTER 15 Drug-Induced Pulmonary Diseases
Hengameh H. Raissy and Michelle Harkins

e|CHAPTER 16 Evaluation of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Keith M. Olsen and Grant F. Hutchins

e|CHAPTER 17 Drug-Induced Liver Disease
William R. Kirchain and Rondall E. Allen

e|CHAPTER 18 Evaluation of Kidney Function
Thomas C. Dowling

e|CHAPTER 19 Evaluation of Neurologic Illness
Susan C. Fagan, Ahmed Alhusban, and Fenwick T. Nichols

e|CHAPTER 20 Evaluation of Psychiatric Disorders
Mark E. Schneiderhan, Leigh Anne Nelson, and Timothy Dellenbaugh

e|CHAPTER 21 Function and Evaluation of the Immune System
Philip D. Hall and Nicole Weimert Pilch

e|CHAPTER 22 Allergic and Pseudoallergic Drug Reactions
Lynne M. Sylvia

e|CHAPTER 23 Dermatologic Drug Reactions and Common Skin Conditions
Rebecca M. Law and David T.S. Law

e|CHAPTER 24 Drug-Induced Hematologic Disorders
Kamakshi V. Rao

e|CHAPTER 25 Laboratory Tests to Direct Antimicrobial Pharmacotherapy
Michael J. Rybak, Jeffrey R. Aeschlimann, and Kerry L. LaPlante