Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide

Fourth Edition
By: Michael D. Katz,
Kathryn R. Matthias,
Marie A. Chisholm-Burns


A unique case-based approach to learning how to apply pharmacotherapeutic concepts to specific patient situations

Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide, Fourth Edition delivers more than 100 patient cases that correspond to chapters in the Fourth Edition of Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice. These case are presented in a consistent manner, similar to what you would see in a clinical setting and focus on a specific topic or disorder. For each case, you are asked to develop a Patient Database, Drug Therapy Problem Worksheet, and Pharmacotherapy Care Plan, using the forms provided.

With Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide you will learn how to navigate through the process of applying your knowledge of pharmacotherapy to specific patient cases by organizing patient data to logically assess a patient's medication issues and formulate a sound pharmacotherapy care plan.