Pharmacy Management

Fourth Edition

By: Shane Desselle
David Zgarrick
Greg Alston


The leading text on pharmacy management - updated to reflect the latest trends and topics

Pharmacy Management is a comprehensive textbook that combines evidence-based management theories with practical solutions for the issues pharmacists face every day. Enhanced by input from educators, researchers, students and practicing pharmacists, this edition addresses the evolving role of pharmacists in today's every-changing environment. Covering the gamut of activities performed by pharmacists, from managing money to managing personal stress, this complete guide explains vital pharmacy management topics across all practice settings. Featuring material derived from the best and most contemporary primary literature, Pharmacy Management focuses on learning the skills essential to the everyday practice of pharmacy. Long after you've completed pharmacy school, you'll turn to Pharmacy Management for answers to make your practice more professionally rewarding and personally enriching.

A great ancillary package for instructors, in addition to a great textbook for students!

Instructors who adopt Pharmacy Management will receive outstanding resources designed to assist teaching. This includes a PowerPoint presentation for every chapter in the book. Since the majority of students will have little experience with management, it is important that the instructor encourage students to develop the skills necessary to become a competent manager. With this in mind, the authors of Pharmacy Management have created customized lesson plans for each chapter in the book. These lesson plans will help the instructor deliver high-quality lessons that improve students' understanding of the subject and build confidence in their ability to manage.